Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction for Mines


Renewables for Mines: Driving Competitive Prices, Energy Security and Low-Carbon  Solutions for Mining Operators

The event took place on January 28 – 29, 2016 at the London Hilton Hotel, London, England. Energy and Mines London Summit was part of our global series of event to draw links between the mining and renewables sectors and drive sustainable, affordable and secure solution that help address mining’s energy challenge. The high-caliber event provided a timely and strategic opportunity for mining and renewable energy leaders to network and discuss solutions for affordable and reliable power for global mining operations.


UPCOMING Energy and Mines Summit


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Hear From Mining Leaders Including:


Critical Reasons to Attend:

Benefit from strategic insight from mining CFOs, traditional banks, private lenders, and development banks on financing renewables for mines
Understand how global energy directors from major mining houses and junior operators are reviewing their energy strategies in light of business pressures
Learn how remote mines are assessing renewables microgrids to reduce diesel dependence and secure energy costs
Gain detailed analysis of innovative finance models for microgrids drawing from current projects with mine off-takers
Hear from experienced renewable energy EPCs and IPPs who have done projects with mining clients
Plus introducing the Carbon War Room's Sunshine for Mines Workshop aimed at driving collaboration between mines and renewables

Agenda at a Glance

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January 27: Workshop 1

An Essential Introduction to Mining for Renewables Professionals
Mining Introduction and Planning
Mine Economics and Company Structures
Energy Uses in Mining
Mining, Environment and CSR
Opening Reception

 January 27: Workshop 2

Sunshine for Mines Workshop Presented by Carbon War Room
Opening Reception

January 28: Day 1

Mining CEO Panel: Strategic Energy Choices for Mines
Driving Energy Savings with Renewables Integration
Unlocking Project Finance for Renewables for Mines
Managing Global Cost Cutting on Energy for Mines
The Impact of Carbon Pricing on Mining’s Energy Strategy
Networking Drinks Reception

January 29: Day 2

Alternative Funding for Renewables for Mines
Evolving Energy Strategies for Junior Mines
Financing Renewables Microgrids for Remote Mines
Implementing Power Projects for Mines: Developers’ Experiences
Tapping into International Financial Institutional Funding
Building Mining’ Collaboration on Energy Solutions
Wrap-Up Drinks Reception

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