Renewables and Mining Industry Report 2014

summit-reportIn today’s capital constrained environment, the global mining sector is increasingly focused on lowering production costs. With energy accounting for 20 to 40 percent of operating expenses, it has become the focus of potential cost savings for mine sites across the globe. As Hatch’s Rob Lydan points out on page 11, “Mining clients are becoming more cognizant on a corporate operations level of the fact that they have energy cost issues that are affecting their operations – there’s a deeper understanding of the challenges out there.” In this environment, the mining industry is ready to listen to how renewables can help lower energy costs and provide secure, stable power for remote and grid-connected sites.

This report includes

  • Interview with IAMGOLD CEO Steve Letwin
  • Rio Tinto Raglan Mine – Case Study
  • Q&A Interviews with Newmont, Barrick Gold, Goldfields, Siemens, Goldcorp, Caterpillar, RES and SunEdison
  • Feature article on how renewables are positioning to serve the mining sector
  • African Barrick Gold – Case Study

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