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Energy and Mines London Summit will be a unique gathering of mine energy decision-makers and alternative energy solution providers. To reflect the demand and interests of our core audiences from the mining and renewable energy sectors, the London agenda has a strong focus on financing solutions for alternative energy for mines drawing on a wide range of experts from traditional equity and debt providers, private equity and development banks. It also offers networking opportunities with a new group of senior mining operators that have not previously participated in Energy and Mines events in Toronto, Santiago or Johannesburg.

To complement the agenda our bespoke exhibition of no more than 18 booths allows key industry partners to meet, showcase and discuss solutions and technologies with this senior audience in an intimate business friendly environment.

Build brand, generate leads, have meetings arranged, educate this key audience

The Summit offers an unparalleled level of customer engagement and an opportunity for positive personal interaction away from the distractions of everyday work.

To have an impact with this audience through speaking, brand enhancement, networking or one-to-one meetings contact:

Mike Greenwood
[email protected]
Ph: +1 613-680-2484


Build Brand

People have an easier time remembering experiences that engage all the senses. Having a physical presence at the event, will help you interact with this key audience in a memorable way. Cultivate and express your message and identity firsthand. This event will provide the perfect opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, and brand in the exact manner you want to present them.

Meetings Service

At each Summit, we offer a limited number of one-to-one meetings with top sponsors so they can connect directly with their top wish-list of senior mining and renewables attendees. This is one of the most popular and effective service we offer.

Generate Leads

The Summit will allow you and your colleagues to interact with a group of prospects that already have an interest in what you do. Our event may not be the first encounter with a prospect but it can be the most memorable and powerful. Using the Summit to showcase your solutions is important, but, coupling that with a strong visual, a personal connection and a thought-leadership platform in an informative and interactive environment is a recipe for a potentially lucrative relationship.


The conference agenda is created through in-depth industry analysis. Our team researches the complete value chain to make sure we hit the issues head-on delivering a high-caliber, fresh agenda that is current, focused and detailed. Some of our sponsorship packages include the opportunity to become a speaker. By sharing your unique insights that are relevant to the audience, you can advance your reputation as a thought-leader in the industry and establish a critical connection between your brand and prospective buyers.

Networking Space Floor Plan

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